Sarah Godbout Certified Confidence Coach Discusses ‘Confidence Is An Inside Job’ on Soulfully Blonde

Trailblazer, Sarah Godbout had some “real talk” with Carol Starr Taylor as she was featured on Soulfully Blonde June 28, 2022.

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Sarah Godbout or “SG”as she is known as, is a published author of Head over Heels - Confidence is an Inside Job, a Certified Confidence Coach, Confidence Coach, Executive Coach and Mindset Coach. Her passion is to empower to change their mindset, overcome their limiting beliefs and perform at their highest level whether it is personal to their professional lives.

Confidence coach to entrepreneurs, CMOs, and influencers, she has been featured by ETalk Canada’s very own Chloe Wilde “Healthy is Hot” podcast, written articles for Chaarmz Magazine and Founders Story on IBH Media.

SG has been coached and mentored by Canada’s top manifestation and mindset coaches who also wrote the foreword in her book.

Her speciality is in helping high-achievers think with more clarity, have a bigger vision and believe that with confidence there comes success. She is the CEO and Founder of SG My Life Confidence Coaching and getting ready to launch into new spaces.

SG has discovered the art of confidence and how to live an extraordinary life. Her personal journey has taken her through many stages of negative living including abusive relationships and a violent assault, motherhood and divorce and her own 30-year journey to find her biological father.

Today, SG coaches people to regain confidence and stop apologizing. She believes that you can overcome adversity or setback unleashing your inner potential and stop making excuses.

At 52 she shows no signs in slowing down and spends her free time boxing, working out, relaxing at the beach, paddle boarding and when she can surfing.

SG’s career allows her freedom to travel, speak and help people through her many social media platforms. She loves music, coffee, reading and coaching others to live their extraordinary lives!





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