Powerhouse Giselle Mascarenhas, COO of Latina Empire dishes on 'How To Live A Purpose-Driven Life.'

What a power hour it was on July 5, 2022! Soulfully Blonde’s Carol Starr Taylor and The Champion of Women herself, Giselle Mascarenhas, Chief Operating Officer of the Global Woman Growth Organization- The Latina Empire chatted about living a purpose-driven life, manifesting dreams, accountability, coaching women to be champions and how The Latina Empire is an all inclusive community explosion to empower all women globally.


The Latina Empire champions women from all backgrounds and cultures with heart, spice and love. It is a revolutionary global women’s development initiative that aims to serve as an incubator for all women, giving them the tools, processes, and accountability they need to break their own personal and professional glass ceilings.


Giselle Mascarenhas is a passionate, heart-centered Glow-getter, illuminating her light from within to champion women globally. She is a published author, Soulpreneur, and philanthropist. Throughout her career, this has been her soul purpose and has demonstrated that in multiple roles, both personally and professionally.

Through her vast array of experiences, including international travel, magazine editing, business owning/managing, and non-profit work, she has obtained an intuitive understanding of the significant relationship between business organizations and their clients.

In 2013, Giselle founded Indigo Public Relations, a McAllen, Texas-based PR firm that helped it’s clients dig deep and build big. Her mission as Owner and CEO was to help small businesses realize their full potential by turning their visions into reality.

Through this work, Giselle noticed businesses were not using social media to its full potential, and had a vision for the branding tool it could be. From there, she created BOLD Insta-tute, a pioneering company where she provided business owners the knowledge and systems they needed to brand themselves, increasing their influence and visibility in the ever-growing social media world.

Giselle firmly believes in the power social media provides to the individual small business owner, allowing them to create a strong, more intimate brand for themselves without outsourcing or depending on a publicist, media firm, or advertising agency.

Combining her love of travel and empowering women, Giselle is also the Co-Owner of Intently Be, an organization that hosts luxury retreats all over the world.

Giselle's consistent commitment to her community has placed her in various leadership roles. She is President of FemCity RGV, a women’s empowerment network that inspires women through a spirit of collaboration and positivity, for over 5 years. Giselle has also been a FemCity Global expert and now as well, COO The Latina Empire.

More recently, she has landed the role of COO of Love Soldiers Foundation, a non-profit organization with a passionate focus on spreading kindness and helping people.

Giselle’s unique and perspective talents have been featured in Yahoo.Finance, Thrive Global, and Buzzfeed. She continues to pursue her life’s passion of helping others succeed on a global scale, always pushing boundaries on what it means to be purpose driven.





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